Capabilities of our Factory

Explore our state-of-the-art facilities, where cutting-edge technology meets meticulous craftsmanship. Discover the precision and innovation that define our manufacturing processes.

Design & Reverse Engineering

ANR Engineering, boasting a team of highly skilled and experienced mechanical engineers, offers a comprehensive suite of engineering services specializing in precision-machined parts, custom hydraulic cylinders, and vehicle gearbox components. Our adept professionals assist clients in refining existing designs through value engineering tailored to specific client needs. We demonstrate proficiency in Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) and Stress Analysis.

In our unwavering commitment to address complex challenges for our clients, ANR Engineering has pioneered reverse engineering services. This innovative approach allows us to replicate component parts promptly and cost-effectively, requiring nothing more than a sample. At ANR, we elevate engineering solutions to the highest standards.


Precision Machining Excellence

Discover unparalleled precision CNC machining services at ANR Engineering, your premier CNC machine shop in Istanbul. Nestled in the Kıraç Industrial area, our state-of-the-art machine shop is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and outstanding customer service. With over a decade of experience, ANR Engineering’s adept team and cutting-edge equipment surpass all expectations in CNC machining.

CNC Turning Capabilities

Specializing in CNC machining, we excel in crafting high-precision, top-quality turned parts from a variety of materials, including high-tensile steel, hard chrome bar, carbon steel, brass, and aluminum. We also accommodate specialty materials upon request.

CNC Milling Capabilities

Our CNC mills empower us to transform any customer design, from simple to intricate, into a tangible product. Whether you possess a detailed CAD drawing, a rough sketch, or even just a sample product without a DWG file, we collaborate with you to manufacture custom parts and components that align with your unique specifications. At ANR Engineering, precision machining is an art, and your satisfaction is our masterpiece.



Our welding quality assurance is meticulously controlled, with Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) developed for all welding processes. Post-welding, we conduct Dye Penetrant Inspections to ensure uncompromising quality.

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding

TIG welding provides an ideal solution for critical joints, proof joints, and situations requiring small or exceptionally precise welds. When executed correctly, TIG welding produces visually perfect and high-purity welds, setting it apart from other joining processes.

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) / Metal Active Gas (MAG) Welding

Our MIG/MAG Welding automation brings numerous advantages to various tube and chrome bar sizes:

  • Increased Productivity: Operates continuously, five times faster than manual welding.

  • Consistency and Repeatability: Maintains the same weld cycle continuously, 24/7.

  • Flexibility: Eliminates tool changes and accommodates various positions.

  • Safety: Ensures a safe working environment.

  • Quality: Achieves superior quality with the correct welding angle, speed, and distance, reducing the need for rework.

  • Reduced Consumables: Robots are programmed for correct joint length and size, resulting in significant savings over time.

  • Reduced Production Costs: Improves quality, consistency, and productivity, leading to reduced overall costs, including energy consumption and consumables.

  • Increased Competitive Advantage: Sets companies apart by enabling faster product completion and delivery while maintaining consistent quality.

Assembly & Test


Once all components are precision-manufactured in accordance with technical drawings, specifications, surface finish, and tolerances, they undergo thorough cleaning using proper methods and solvents. The final assurance of cylinder durability is achieved through meticulous seal selection, ensuring the cylinder is built to withstand the pressures of its intended application.

The assembly process at ANR emphasizes a clean, contamination-free environment, crucial for the assembly of components. Our experienced and meticulous personnel handle the rod and tube assembly stages.


Hydraulic Pressure Test

Every hydraulic cylinder produced at ANR ENGINEERING undergoes rigorous internal and external leak-tightness testing, with a minimum of 15 cycle times, following written instructions. Our state-of-the-art testing facilities include:

  • HT1: 2700 mm/210 Bar

  • HT2: 2700 mm/210 Bar

  • HT3: 1500 mm/210 Bar

  • HT4: Free Length/250 Bar

  • HT5: Free Length/300 Bar

This comprehensive testing ensures the reliability and performance of each hydraulic cylinder before it reaches our customers.

Painting & Packaging

The ANR painting shop boasts an automatic conveyor system with 190 hooks and an oven operating at temperatures up to 120°C for hydraulic cylinder painting applications. Our efficient setup allows us to coat up to 400 hydraulic cylinders daily with primer and finish top coat.

At ANR, detailed written instructions outline the information and requirements for coating materials, equipment, surface preparation, application procedures, and inspection protocols for protective coatings. This meticulous approach ensures the highest quality and durability of our painted hydraulic cylinders.